Door Closer Products

Hydraulically Regulated Door Closers

ARCH has developed a universal type door closer that rounds off its A9(K-0001), A18(K-0002) and A27(K-0003) series perfectly. The ease and speed with which it can be fixed, the fact that its spring strength can be so easily adapted to the door size – by simply turning round the hinge plate – Developed series are as Under

Hydraulically Regulated Door Closers
Hydraulically Regulated Door Closers
Hydraulically Regulated Door Closers
Hydraulically Regulated Door Closers
Series Mass of the door (KG) width of Door (mm) Applications
A9(K-0001) up to 35 up to 700 For light doors such as double leaved and toilet doors
A18(K-0002) 36 to 60 701 to 850 Interior doors, such as of bedrooms, kitchen and store
A27(K-0003) 61 to 80 851 to 1000 Main doors in a building, such as entrance doors


  • Confirming for Indian Standards IS 3564:1995
  • Closers are conditioned to -10⁰ to 50⁰, then after being fitted in its position when the door is opened through 90⁰, the same swings back to an angle of 20⁰ +/- 5⁰ with normal speed and thereafter the speed gets automatically retarded and in case of doors with latches, it can be so regulated that in its final position, the door smoothly negotiates with the latch, also checked for leakages.
  • Each lot is tested against all check points as per Our Quality plan. We check each door closer for minimum 5, 00,000operations (Opening and Closing of Door).
  • Customised Colour are provided on demand.

Type of Door Closers

Overhead Door Closers

The overhead door closers are the most common of all and are widely used in commercial properties. For instance, conference doors, office interior doors are generally affixed with a closer which would automatically close the door.

Surface-Mounted Door Closers

The Surface-Mounted door closer is manufactured in such a way that they can be fitted into the door frame with a bar at the back of the door. They are small in size and can be matched with the door’s colour.

No matter what kind of door closer that you buy, it must be suitable for the door and should be able to close the door efficiently each time. The door closer must be able to hold the door closed while there is no latch attached to the door. It should operate in such a way that the door that it is attached to it would not get damaged